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City of Riverside


Community Stories


Community: Riverside (Riverside County) Population: 296,842

Summary: Riverside pioneered a variety of outreach and enrollment strategies including successfully combining outreach and enrollment activities at one event, having city staff who can assist families complete enrollment applications, conducting outreach at small city events, and using bilingual city staff to talk with families. Riverside was assisted in its outreach and enrollment activities by a grant from the Riverside Community Foundation.

Program Highlights:


  • Health plans provided outreach and enrollment assistance at grand opening of community center.
  • City uses bilingual staff to talk with families about health coverage options at various city activities, such as movie night in the park.
  • City staff is certified to assist families complete enrollment application.
  • Community center is resource for families wanting health coverage information.
  • City staff with ties to the community and ability to speak Spanish provided personal contact with potentially eligible families at different community venues.
  • Information about health coverage options sent to part-time city employees who do not receive dependent health coverage. Interested employees sent response cards to outside, non-city CAAs for assistance in completing enrollment application.








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