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City of Palo Alto Youth Master Plan


The Palo Alto Youth Master Plan originated from a joint study session of the Palo Alto Youth Council and the City Council. Their goal was to define a process to develop a focused and organized approach to the delivery of programs and services to youth and teens. Several focus group meetings were held to determine the needs of the youth and teens and extensive research and data was collected to analyze the appropriate development of the plan. The collaboration of nonprofits, the city and the school district was key in developing the plan, which was mostly volunteer driven. Although the committee tried to secure grant funding, they were unsuccessful. Since there were no city funds available to support the needs identified, Recreation staff worked directly with the Teen Advisory Board and Palo Alto Youth Council to implement the plan and bring the document to life. The guide helped focus the Youth Councils goals and purpose. In kind donations, collaborations and volunteer time were critical for the success of implementing the plan.

The first Youth Master Plan Report was finalized on February 4, 2003. The Youth Master Plan is a working document that needs updating every year and goals and action steps adjusted as needed to keep current with youth needs and service gaps. For information: Rob De Geuss, Superintendent, Community Services Department (650.463.4908). Also Patrick Larkin (now with Elk Grove) helped develop the plan and worked with youth at Palo Alto (916.405.5661).

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