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City of Palo Alto – Involving the Public in Climate Change Action


Climate Action Connection: Civic Engagement

By actively involving residents and businesses in developing climate change activities, San Mateo County has successfully promoted support for new programs and activities that individuals and businesses can embrace to reduce their carbon footprint.

Community:City of Palo Alto

Population: 59,395


In matching the high tech companies located in its City, Palo Alto is taking an innovative approach to keeping its community members informed.  The City is sharing its progress in reaching their sustainability, and other priority goals, in a visual format that combines simple, interrelated content, graphics and data.

Track the City’s climate protection programs including:

  • Carbon intensity of Electricity
  • CO2 Emission Generated by City Operations
  • CO2 Emissions Generated by the Community
  • Healthy Urban Forest

Resources to Learn More

Compiled by BAAQMD October 2009

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