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City of Indio


Community: Indio (County of Riverside)

Population: 81,512


To help enroll eligible children in affordable health insurance, the City of Indio worked through its popular teen center. Because residents considered it a safe gathering place, the teen center served as the focal point for the city’s outreach activities.

Program Highlights

  • Indio collaborated with the local chamber of commerce, schools and community-based organizations to reach families of potentially eligible children and alert them to opportunities for health insurance and enrollment assistance.
  • The city worked with a community-based organization to establish office hours at the teen center when a certified application assistant would be available to help families complete the health insurance application.
  • Indio placed information flyers about available affordable health insurance options at the teen center.

The City of Indio has worked hard to build community awareness about no- and low-cost health insurance options for children and to achieve its goal of providing families with access to knowledgeable people who could explain affordable health insurance options for their children and help them work through the application process.



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