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City of Huntington Park


Community Stories


Community: Huntington Park (Los Angeles County) Population: 64,747


Summary: City of Huntington Park offered diverse outreach opportunities to inform residents about health coverage opportunities, including enrollment opportunities during the “Month of the Child” event, presentations at neighborhood watch meetings, as well as established partnership with local certified application assistant (CAA) to assist families complete applications.

Resources to Learn More:

CHK Best Practices

CHK Photo Tour

Huntington Park Newsletter – Vista_CHK Brochure

CHK Survey of Interest Form for Neighborhood Watch Meeting

Program Highlights:

  • Presentations at monthly neighborhood watch meetings reach active, interested residents.
  • Established partnership with county Children’s Health Initiative to follow-up on expressions of interest from neighborhood watch attendees.
  • Information about events and coverage options included in city newsletters and city facilities.
  • City exploring potential of having CHI hold “office hours” at city facility to make it easier for families to complete enrollment application.
  • City is collaborating with local CHI to offer evening “office hours” to provide enrollment assistance at the City recreation facility every two weeks.










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