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City of Citrus Heights – Navigator Program


In 2015, the City of Citrus Heights faced the growing need of providing services to its homeless population. Post-recession, the city had experienced the reduction of services into the urban core. To address the homelessness need, the Citrus Heights Police Department conducted a survey of the homeless community and found there was a predominate desire to stay within the boundaries of the city even though most homeless resources were not available within the city limits. Through the city’s partnership with Sacramento Self Help Housing (SSHH) and the Citrus Heights Homeless Assistance Resource Team (HART), the CH HART group expressed a need for a “Navigator” or case manager for the local homeless population. The model has been used in other communities to facilitate enrollment into HUD’s Coordinated Entry wait list and ranking system for available housing.

The Navigator, or homelessness coordinator, serves as the main point of contact in the county’s coordinated system and works to outreach to homelessness populations to connect them with services. In addition, the Navigator works directly in the field to engage individuals where they are located. Based on an initial ‘vulnerability’ test, the Navigator assesses what services might work best to connect homeless individuals to.

This position is fully funded with a combination of Community Development Block Grant funds and other funding from the City of Citrus Heights. 

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