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Citrus Heights Water District Expands Programs and Engagement


With heightened regulations and scrutiny coming from the state, it is becoming more important for special districts to demonstrate their proactive efforts and leadership around environmental stewardship.  At the same time, providing local water, wastewater, transportation, electric and other public services while confronting climate impacts, community concerns and economic challenges is becoming increasingly difficult.

CHWD’s water efficiency programs are key to the district’s goal of delivering safe, dependable, and clean water to the community. Throughout the year, CHWD offers WaterSmart classes, free landscape irrigation reviews, and several rebates and programs to help its customers reduce water use and save. Programs are designed to educate customers on practical water conservation resources.

With a staff of just 36 employees, CHWD aims to serve customers more efficiently and in a way that benefits the community. The agency expanded public engagement efforts after an increase in interest and demand for water efficiency programs.

CHWD joined Beacon to further expand their sustainability and engagement efforts and promote best practices in water use to customers. “We want to utilize all the great resources we can get in order to benefit customers.” says Lea Park-Kim, Communications and Public Engagement Manager at Citrus Heights Water District. “Our ultimate goal is to provide safe, clean, and dependable water to our customers in a way that’s good for our customers, community, and the world. Being part of the Beacon program provides Citrus Heights Water District with more tools to benefit our customers.“

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