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California’s Local Agencies Spotlighted in Report on Role of Immigrants in Community Life


A new publication released today from the Immigration Policy Center, “Immigrant Entrepreneurs, Innovation and Welcoming Initiatives in the Golden State,” features “You Me We Oakley” and “Redwood City Together” – the first two welcoming initiatives in California.

This report describes several California cities and counties that are recognizing and supporting immigration through local “welcoming” and integration initiatives. A link to the publication is at right.

Key Facts from the Report:

  • In 2010 new immigrant business owners generated $34.3 billion in revenues.
  • Immigrant entrepreneurs not only contribute to large innovative companies, but to small business formation in local communities.
  • Local government, business, and non-profit leaders recognize the importance of immigrants in their communities and support immigration through local “welcoming” and integration initiatives.”

California’s Cities are Welcoming America’s First Two Affiliates

The Institute for Local Government’s public engagement program partnered with Welcoming America to support the launch of the first two immigrant welcoming initiatives in California. Both communities – Redwood City and Oakley – undertook intensive multi-sector planning efforts, with local officials as substantial partners to develop their respective “welcoming” programs.

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