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Budgeting at the Local Level
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There is perhaps no more important public agency activity than budgeting, the process whereby decision-makers allocate scarce resources to fund vital public services. Budget decisions directly affect the quality of life in a community and the public’s level of satisfaction with decision-makers.

So, how did the process go? Did you try something new to inform or involve the community in the process?

For most local agencies, the budget session has just come to an end. (Was that a big sigh of relief we just heard?)  The Institute for Local Government would like to hear about your local efforts. Did you do anything different? What worked and what didn’t? Did you use and ILG resources to assist in your process?

Over the next few months, ILG will be developing additional materials on budgeting and public engagement. Help ILG make these maximally responsive to local agency needs by sharing your experiences and perspectives. Please contact or at (916) 658-8221.

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