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Beacon Program Request for Award Consideration


The Beacon Program recognizes the measurable achievements of cities and counties working towards reducing climate change. These awards, called Beacon Spotlight Awards, are given in five distinct award categories. Within each award area, a participant can earn silver, gold or platinum- based on its level of achievement. To win a full Beacon Award, participating agencies are required to demonstrate achievements in all five areas. If you would like to apply for award consideration in any of the five categories or for the full Beacon Award, please complete this form by July 1st. ILG will not accept any edits or documentation once the online application is submitted. Please ensure your application and supporting documentation is complete.

Contact Information
The Beacon Program focuses on five area of accomplishment (please check the box(es) next to the awards you are applying for in 2016)
Community Greenhouse Gas Reductions
Agency Greenhouse Gas Reductions
Agency Electricity Savings
Agency Natural Gas Savings
Please record activities in each of the Institute’s ten Sustainability Best Practice Areas
Energy Efficiency & Conservation
Water and Wastewater Systems
Green Building Activity
Waste Reduction and Recycling
Climate-Friendly Purchasing
Renewable Energy and Low-Carbon Fuels
Efficient Transportation
Land Use and Community Design
Open Space and Offsetting Carbon Emissions
Community and Individual Action

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