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Beacon Program Participation Application
For cities and counties


Fill out an application for your city or county using this online form.

We applaud your agency’s interest in participating in the Beacon Program. ILG’s Beacon Program highlights local agencies that are making meaningful changes to improve sustainability in their communities. Participating local agencies are setting the standard in California for what it means to be a healthy and vibrant community.  

Steps for participation:

  1. Fill out the online application to participate
  2. Designate a lead staff member and elected official to serve as contact for your agency
  3. Adopt a resolution by the governing body committing the agency to participate in the program
  4. Submit annual applications for award consideration to earn recognition
  5. Participate in ongoing peer learning and technical assistance opportunities

There is no deadline to apply to participate in the program, however to be considered for awards data is due on July 13st of each year.

Please complete this short online application to start your progress through the Beacon Program. After we receive your application, the Beacon Program manager will contact you to discuss next steps.

Designated staff contact
Designated Elected Official

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