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English and Spanish Language Commercial Recycling Flyer Templates (2012 Update)


The sample commercial recycling flyer template can help local agencies educate businesses about new state requirements to recycle, and about any local requirements that may apply. The flyer template may be modified to reflect local resources, including adding the agency’s logo, local requirements, and contact information. English and Spanish versions of the template are provided for both apartments and businesses.

The following resources are available at right under “Documents & Resources.”

  • English and Spanish flyer templates for businesses and apartment in PDF or InDesign file formats.  
  • Instructions on how to modify the templates for local use.
  • A sample cover letter to accompany the flyers.

The commercial recycling flyer template was prepared in 2011 by the Institute for Local Government’s Climate Change Program under a contract with CalRecycle. Updates were made in early 2012 to reflect newly adopted regulations.

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