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Understanding Perk Issues, Including Compensation, Use of Public Resources and Gifts


This piece explains California ethics laws relating to public officials and personal advantages and perks.

Designed for local officials, it covers issues such as:

  • Compensation Issues
  • Reimbursement of Expenses
  • Restrictions on the Use of Public Resources
  • Restrictions on Gifts to Public Officials
  • Restrictions on the Use of Campaign Funds

This piece is chapter three of a more extensive publication (Understanding the Basics of Public Service Ethics) that explains all California ethics laws.


Gifts: When Someone Does Something Nice For You

In general, the public is skeptical about people trying to curry favor with public officials through gift-giving.


Gifts to Public Officials

This handy, four-page excerpt from ILG’s, Understanding the Basics of Public Service Ethics Laws, is a plain language discussion of issues related to the legal and ethical considerations regarding gifts to public officials.

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