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Public Engagement E-Monthly


Monthly public engagement news, resources and events for local elected officials and staff in California.

ILG offers a variety of resources and case stories agencies can use to support public engagement strategies to address difficult issues and situations.


Now Available: Sustainablity Best Practice Framework 2013

The Institute for Local Government has just released its first comprehensive update of the Sustainability Best Practice Framework since its initial release in 2008. The framework offers new and practical ideas on how local agencies can save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in ten categories, including ideas about how to engage the public and promote individual and community action.


Engaging the Public in Sustainability
Public Engagement Resources

The Institute for Local Government offers a variety of resources on engaging the public in planning, housing and sustainability issues. This section of the Institute’s website offers best practices, resources and case stories to help local officials and staff encourage community members to participate in the process.  


Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Pleasanton
Public Engagement Case Story

With the goal of being the greenest city in the state, Pleasanton set out to develop a climate action plan in 2011. After realizing that many of its residents have diverse opinions about climate change, the city adopted several unique approaches to engage the community and create a plan that is reflective of their values. Today, the City of Pleasanton has an adopted Climate Action Plan that is helping meet the city’s aggressive sustainability goals.


Public Engagement Grant Opportunity
Grant Application Deadline September 13, 2013

The Davenport Institute is offering training and consultation to municipalities and civic organizations interested in involving the public on an issue of significance to their community. Past projects have related to budget, land use and public safety. Click here for more information.

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