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BOOST Participant–City of La Puente

Beacon Participant Profile

About La Puente:

Once home to the largest walnut packing plant in the world, the City of La Puente is now a small, residential, predominantly Latino community located in a heavy industrial core of Los Angeles County. La Puente is a disadvantaged community because it lacks the resources and advancements that many of its neighboring cities have achieved. With the assistance of the BOOST Program, La Puente would like to enhance city staff’s public engagement and partnership development skills, climate action strategies and grant writing techniques. The city is actively looking to address climate change and achieve environmental justice by educating and bringing awareness to the communities through outreach and engagement, as well as obtaining resources and grants.

  • Population: 39,456 (2010)
  • Location: Los Angeles County
  • Area: 3.48 square miles
  • Poverty rate: 18%
  • Median household income: $64,592
  • Language other than English spoken at home: Spanish (68%)

BOOST Activities:

  • Support the Local Agency in identifying projects, funding and resources that address community priorities and agency opportunities as outlined in the city’s Safe Routes to School Plan, Park Master Plan and Housing Element/Programs
  • Provide trainings and technical assistance to support the city in developing its Environmental Justice Element and Safety Elements
  • Provide trainings and consultation to assist the city in complying with AFFH requirements in its 6th Cycle Housing Element.
  • Provide a community landscape, public engagement training for staff and communications support to help educate and engage the community in city planning and climate resilience projects and policies.  
  • Provide training opportunities and consultation to build knowledge and capacity building for Project Management and Grant Implementation and Reporting. 

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