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Local Programs and Services

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Many local programs and services administered by cities and counties create opportunities to provide health benefits to residents and users; for example, park and recreation services offer increased options for physical activity. Other examples of services provided by local agencies that improve health and safety include emergency planning, elder care, job creation and financial assistance programs, among others.

However, local officials can also structure other services in ways that encourage healthy behavior. For example:

  • Public safety programs can be instituted to improve traffic safety at dangerous intersections and make parks and neighborhoods safer places for local residents to walk and gather.
  • Services offered to seniors and youth, library patrons and other residents at local community centers and other facilities can include physical activity programs, farmers markets, community gardening and nutrition education.
  • Cities and counties can take steps to offer healthy food choices to residents and employees and reduce or eliminate unhealthy foods from vending machines and snack bars in recreation centers, employee cafeterias and other locations.

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