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Vallejo Unified School District


The Vallejo Unified School District will be a full service community schools district by the 2015 academic year. The purpose of establishing the Vallejo Full Service Community Schools Program is to ensure students have clear pathways from Preschool to College and Career. The program provides comprehensive academic, social, mental, and physical education services to meet student, family, and community needs beginning in the North Vallejo community.

The program has 6 main goals and objectives:

  • Improve student achievement (closing the achievement gap)
  • Improve student attendance
  • Reduce student referrals, suspensions, and expulsions
  • Increase student well-being in a range of health indices
  • Improve school campus safety
  • Increase parent involvement in their children’s education

One unique component of the community schools model in Vallejo is the Parent University program. The goal of Parent University is to increase parental involvement in schools and empower parents to raise children who will be college and career ready. Parent University is a community collaborative led by Vallejo City Unified School District in collaboration with Fighting Back Partnership to help parents become full partners in their children’s education. Vallejo City Unified School District partners with community agencies and organizations to offer free courses, family events and activities that will equip families with new skills, knowledge, resources, and confidence.

To learn more about the Vallejo community schools effort, please click on the presentation below (contains video) or visit the community schools page on the Vallejo Unified website:

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