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Monterey County: Rancho Cielo Youth Campus


2008 Community Schools Through Partnerships and Collaborations

In collaboration with the Monterey County Probation Department and various business partners, the Rancho Cielo School, operated by the Monterey County Office of Education, provides educational services to youth who are first-time offenders. the program assists youth in successfully transitioning back to the community. High school-aged youth with multiple risk factors are referred to the program through probation, the courts, schools or programs. The County Office of Education provides teaches and classroom aides to support youth in learning and in the transition back to the community. The Probation Department provides meals and supervision of the students. Students are picked up from their homes in the morning by a probation van and delivered home each day in the late afternoon. Students are given a variety of enrichment programs including job training through community partners. Academic success is the main focus of the program. Students have shown significant success raising their reading grades and were successful in completing job training.

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