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Lifting Our Communities Up
Strategies for Faith Leaders to Fight Hunger When School’s Out


“God comes to the hungry in the form of food.” — Mahatma Gandhi

The faith community is no stranger to feeding the hungry. Nor is it an unfamiliar activity to bring comfort to families in need or bring smiles to children’s faces. Summer presents a unique opportunity for faith communities to support the well-being of low-income children by getting involved with local summer meal programs.  Watch our “Lifting Up Our Communities: Strategies for Faith Leaders to Keep Kids Healthy When School’s Out“ webinar to learn about the different ways in which faith leaders, community organizations, and congregations can make sure that kids have access to healthy food and activities when school is out. Hear the unique perspectives from leaders in San Diego and Merced counties as they describe their experiences and how an “all hands on deck” approach lifts up children so that they return to school in the fall, healthy and ready to learn.

Watch the recorded webinar here


Patrice Chamberlain, Director, California Summer Meal Coalition Powerpoint Presentation

Angela Kretschmar, Executive Director, Heaven’s Windows / New Seasons Church Powerpoint Presentation

Monika Grasley, Executive Director, Lifeline Community Development Corporation Powerpoint Presentation

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