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Family Resource Centers


Family Resource Centers (FRCs) are community-based non-profit agencies that help families access resources to promote health, stability, self-sufficiency, and safe, nurturing environments for children. FRCs partner with other local providers to promote the integration of existing services and help keep struggling families from falling through the cracks. FRCs provide a range of services and programs such as child abuse prevention and early intervention, parenting classes, health and nutrition education, civic engagement, family economic success, fatherhood involvement, job search and resume preparation, volunteer income tax assistance, and more. FRCs work in a way that emphasizes the strengths and dignity of each family, and helps build families’ capacity to be healthy, self-sufficient members of their community.

The California Family Resource Association (CFRA) is a statewide membership association of organizations and individuals that serve children and families. Our purpose is to advocate for the programs, policies and resources that help families and communities thrive and succeed. We also build the capacity of our member organizations to impact policy change, partner with local government and community allies, and achieve sustainability.  The CRFA website has information about FRCs across California.

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