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Electric Vehicle Readiness


The Governor set a goal to have 1.5 million electric cars driving on California roadways by 2025. Cities and counties throughout the state are now faced with a variety of choices about how to support this goal. In this section you will find resources and case studies that will help your community make important decisions regarding its transportation policies, programs, purchases and infrastructure.


The Road Ahead for Zero Emission Vehicles in California
Market Trends and Policy Analysis

Next 10’s report The Road Ahead for Zero-Emission Vehicles in California: Market Trends & Policy Analysis analyzes California’s zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) market – including historic sales, costs, technology trends, market forecasts and challenges to wide-scale adoption – and finds the state’s market is growing dramatically.


Zero Emission Vehicles: Community Readiness Guidebook

Numerous state agencies and ZEV experts have collaborated to prepare the Community Readiness Guidebook, which provides helpful information to local and regional governments, community leaders and residents prepare as they make the switch to zero emission vehicles. The Guidebook highlights many aspects of ZEV readiness, including necessary infrastructure, planning and zoning, permitting guidelines, greening local fleets and encouraging consumers through incentives and outreach.


City of Sacramento Electric Vehicle Strategy

On December 12, 2017 the Sacramento City Council approved the City’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Strategy. This is the City’s first strategic action plan for EV and other zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) initiatives. Actions within the Strategy will be initiated by 2020 with full implementation by 2025, and outline the City’s intended trajectory for zero-emission mobility. The Strategy seeks to spur the use of ZEVs by calling for outreach programs, expanded charging infrastructure, and new incentives.

PEV Chargin Stations in the City of Santa Monica

PEV Charging Stations in the City of Santa Monica

The UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation prepared this document with the purpose of supporting plug-in electric vehicle adoption for Santa Monica residents, and outside commuters, so that the City of Santa Monica can reach its ambitious goal of carbon neutrality by 2050 or sooner.

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