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Building Retrofits, Commissioning & Retro-Commissioning Webinar
Free webinar hosted by the Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative


According to recent data, energy costs can account for as much as 10% of a local government’s annual operating budget and as much as 30% of a building’s operating costs (U.S. DOE, 2005;

Undertaking building retrofits, commissioning and retro-commissioning provides local governments with an excellent opportunity to reduce these energy costs by ensuring that buildings are performing to the highest operational and maintenance standards possible. For example, research shows that retro-commissioning can result in approximately 15% energy savings, for a relatively low cost and short project payback period.

This webinar will provide an overview on building retrofits, commissioning and retro-commissioning and highlight two local examples including energy savings achieved, challenges faced, and lessons learned.

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