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Elk Grove Brochures and Materials for Two New Commercial Recycling Programs


The City of Elk Grove launched two new commercial recycling programs in July 2010 and developed these materials to support them:

  • Construction & Demolition (C&D) Debris Recycling Program
    The C&D Debris Recycling program brochure provides information on costs and how to comply, as well as lists commercial haulers and certified C&D sorting facilities.
  • Business & Multi-Family Recycling Program
    The Business & Multi-Family Recycling program brochure explains who must comply with the program, describes what the program requirements are, and lists registered commercial haulers and authorized recyclers. The Business & Multi-family Recycling Plan Form confirms a business’s understanding of the requirements and gathers information about how the business will comply.

PDFs of the brochures are at right under “Documents & Resources.”

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