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Yolo County Energy Upgrades

Case Story

To improve energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint, Yolo County initiated energy retrofits at two county buildings: the courthouse in Woodland and a satellite administration building in Davis.

Completed in 2012, the retrofits include the installation of energy-efficient equipment and replacement of high-pressure sodium lighting fixtures with more energy efficient lights. In addition, the existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning system at the court house was retrofitted to include a computerized control module to manage and independently provide each heating and cooling zone of the building with conditioned air.

The county facility in Davis was retrofitted with 17 new, wall-mounted light fixtures that use less energy but glow brighter. In addition, 26 high-pressure sodium vapor parking lot light fixtures were replaced with energy efficient and longer-lasting fixtures that use light emitting diodes (LED).

Energy Savings = 107,000 kilowatt hours

Cost Savings = $17.900

Greenhouse gas reductions = 75.5 metric tons

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