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San Mateo and Northern Santa Clara Counties, CA: The Peninsula Clergy Network Hosts Peninsula-Wide Dialogues for Clergy and Public Leaders

Case Story

Three times a year, the Peninsula Clergy Network hosts Peninsula-wide dialogues for clergy and public leaders (including city managers and council members, county administrators and supervisors, state legislators, school superintendents and board members, and college/university presidents). Each dialogue explores an important community issue in a roundtable format allowing participants to develop a mutual understanding of the issue addressed.

More locally-based discussions at the city and county level enhance these opportunities for dialogue, relationship building and engagement. Key county and city department representatives participate. State and federal legislators have also joined discussions.

Through these dialogues and discussions, local officials gain awareness of constituent perspectives on community issues. These discussions also promote constituent engagement.

Clergy gain perspective on current topics of general community interest. This increases clergy capacity to pass along relevant city and county-related information, formally and informally, to their congregations. The discussions also reinforce clergy’s individual leadership roles in the community.

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