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San Francisco, CA: San Francisco Turns to the San Francisco Interfaith Council to Assist in Getting Information Out to the Community

Case Story

When local officials in San Francisco need to get information to the community, they often turn to the San Francisco Interfaith Council, a network of 800 congregations. For instance, a city attorney letter assuring immigrant residents that participation in the 2010 census would not put them at risk was e-mailed to Interfaith Council congregations. The Interfaith Council Executive Director reports that such information reaches congregants though worship services and congregational media. Officials have also worked through the Interfaith Council to alert the public to the danger of hate crimes and to inform low-income residents about how to cash checks and file taxes. Established after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, the SF Interfaith Council holds an annual conference to help congregations partner with local officials and humanitarian organizations to address disaster preparedness and recovery efforts.

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