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Revitalizing Downtown Using Transit-Oriented Development

Case Story

Community: City of San Leandro, Alameda County

Population: 84,950


The City of San Leandro applied transit-oriented development strategies to revitalize its downtown retail core. With the goal of increasing transit ridership within a half-mile radius of the downtown Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station, the city received a planning grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission to focus on the proposed downtown bus rapid transit corridor and existing BART service. San Leandro  wanted to provide a safe, secure and accessible environment for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders and automobiles, while also increasing the supply of affordable housing for local employees.

Program Highlights

  • Involving property owners and developers early in the planning process increased the opportunities for building consensus.
  • Robust community and advocacy group outreach efforts and involvement made possible a unique and engaged citizens’ advisory committee.

Lessons Learned

  • The right affordable-housing development partner can contribute to well managed, high quality work-force housing that anchors transit-oriented development.
  • Residents’ involvement in meetings and other project activities can be increased by including community organizations in the planning process and making it easier for diverse groups to participate; for example, providing language translation services helps more people join in the process.

Story compiled in 2010.

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