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Rancho Cucamonga’s Paper Reduction Program

Case Story

The City of Rancho Cucamonga launched a paper reduction and recycling program, called the CTRL Tree program that involves almost every city department. More than 200 city employees signed a pledge to avoid printing when possible, to print double-sided and to recycle documents by turning them into notebooks or shredding them for use as cage lining at the animal shelter.

City departments replaced printed forms and newsletters with electronic versions. Many bidding projects are now available to contractors online, thus eliminating paper copies. Agency staff use tablet computers to record information in the field and many city council members download council meeting agenda packets onto their tablets. As a result, the city is also able to reduce costs for copy machine paper, toner, ink and maintenance.


Waste Reduction = 3,100 reams of paper (approximately 6.9 tons)

Cost Savings = $11,000

Greenhouse Gas Reductions = 18.3 metric tons

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