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Orange County – Budget Education and Outreach Story

Case Story

Community:Orange County
Population: 99,248


The Orange County Transportation Authority developed a ledger sized, tri-fold brochure known informally as the “Popular Budget.” The purpose of the brochure is to communicate fiscal, organizational and programmatic information to the agency’s constituents. The Popular Budget summarizes essential information and uses design, concise headings and graphics to convey complex issues for the general readership.

Agency staff and elected officials use the Popular Budget to “bring the message to the people” at community meetings, council meetings, and civic/philanthropic gatherings. Wide distribution of the Popular Budget has helped the agency communicate its mission, programs, services and particularly its annual budget and fiscal health to the county board of supervisors, city councils and the public. To further disseminate the information, an electronic version of the document is posted on the agency website (

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