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Los Angeles County, CA: The Multi-Faith Clergy Council Assists the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office in Many Ways

Case Story

The Los Angeles Sheriff ’s Multi-Faith Clergy Council is a group of dedicated clergy and other faith community leaders who assist the Sheriff ’s Department in multiple ways. Clergy Council members aid in the communications between the Sheriffs Department and residents. They may also be called in to help resolve community conflicts and to help notify and comfort residents who have endured hardship, distress or trauma.

The Council also works with the Sheriff and his staff to organize an annual Community Day at which food, clothing, and information about employment opportunities, health care services, and first time home-buying are distributed to the public.

Clergy and congregations also share facilities that the community uses for activities, as well as support counseling and family crisis response teams. “The Clergy Council is an excellent example of dynamic and effective communication,” reports the Sheriff. “Together we can decrease crime and enhance the quality of services we provide.”

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