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Elk Grove’s Youth Master Plan

Case Story

The City of Elk Grove spearheaded the city’s need for a Youth Master Plan by creating a committee consisting of local community leaders whose primary goal was to develop a focused approach to delivering programs that would help Elk Grove’s youth lead healthy and productive lives.

The Youth Services Master Plan is the blueprint of the committee that creates, establishes and implements programs, activities and resources for the community’s youth. The committee held 4 separate community forums to gather data and identify needs and gaps in the community. Two of the forums were teens only and two were for adults. The information gathered showcased several perceived areas of need in Elk Grove and additionally enumerated possible solutions. Four subcommittees were formed and will address different areas of need: a Street Team, an Educational/Vocational Committee, an Ordinance Committee and a Neighborhood Resources Committee. These committees will make regular reports to the newly established Youth Commission and City Council.

The Elk Grove Youth Master Plan is still a work in progress and the written report will document the Youth Master Plan research, community concerns and the plan to address the issues and concerns of Elk Grove youth and teens. For information, contact: Jim Miller, Youth Services Manager, 916.627.3450 or

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