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City of Richmond- Budget Education and Outreach Story

Case Story

Community:City of Richmond (Contra Costa County)
Population: 103,577


The City of Richmond produces a Budget-in-Brief Handout that provides an overview of the operating and capital improvement budgets, includes the city’s five core strategic goals, and highlights accomplishments related to those goals.

The document highlights and summarizes the city’s accomplishments in reflecting management policies and community priorities through the operating and capital improvement budgets.

The Budget-in-Brief Handout uses photos and graphs that illustrate capital projects and economic development efforts. The document also includes descriptions of the city’s revenue sources and an explanation of how property tax and sales tax revenues are allocated.

The Budget-in-Brief Handout is distributed at community budget presentations and events. Residents report that it helps them understand available financial resources and how they are allocated to fund services and infrastructure.

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