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State Superintendent Torlakson Calls for Action

Blog post

Now is the time for community and school district leaders to start the conversation about how they will come together to ensure that California’s low-income students do not fall through the proverbial cracks when school lets out for summer break.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson is urging leaders within the community and school districts to support summer meal programs in their communities.  In a letter sent earlier this month, Torlakson called upon community leaders to ensure that children in need have access to free, healthy lunches when school is out via USDA summer nutrition programs. Superintendent Torlakson emphasized the importance of proper nutrition, physical activity, and opportunities for learning during summer to prevent California’s low income students from falling behind academically — and to preserve their health. Superintendent Torlakson also called upon school district superintendents  to be proactive in making sure that their students have access to summer meals during this crucial time.

With no one agency holding sole responsibility for the well-being of California’s kids when school is out, the responsibility falls to all of us to work together to create a summer safety net. This is truly an “all hands on deck” effort and an opportunity to strengthen our communities and help kids thrive. An effort well worth it.

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