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Becoming a Beacon Program Champion


Who Can Be a Beacon Program Champion?

Examples of potential Beacon Program Champions include:

  • Councils of Governments
  • Community Choice Energy/Aggregation Programs
  • Port authorities
  • Air districts
  • Foundations
  • Others on a case-by-case basis

What Type of Activities Make an Organization Eligible to be a Beacon Program Champion?

Being designated a Champion means that the organization or agency helps to promote and/or support the activities of local agencies participating in the Beacon Program or is actively working to encourage local agencies to participate. Such activities could include:

  • Collaborate with Beacon participants within the Champion’s service area or with other Champions to implement sustainability best practices and undertake climate action activities.
  • Promote and support collection and distribution of best practice activities among the Champion’s membership or service area.
  • Offer opportunities to recognize Beacon participants at Champion’s events and meetings, and on the Champion’s website and e-newsletters.
  • Provide periodic opportunities for ILG staff to present information about the Beacon Program at the organization’s meetings (such as board of directors, meetings of agency technical staff, energy or climate task forces).
  • Recognize and celebrate the interim accomplishments of Beacon participants.
  • Highlight the Beacon Program on the Champion’s website, including activities of participants within the Champion’s service area.


Beacon Champions will receive recognition for the designation and activities through a variety of means. This includes:

  • Opportunity to apply for Beacon Leadership, Resilience and Innovation awards.
  • Use of Beacon Champion logo on their website.
  • Inclusion of their status on the Beacon Program website pages, including on appropriate participant profile pages.
  • Optional press release about being designated as a Beacon Champion.
  • Recognition at appropriate meetings and publications related to the Beacon Program.
  • Opportunity to be featured in widely-distributed case studies and best practice resources.

Interested in Becoming a Beacon Program Champion?

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