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County of Nevada

Beacon Participant Profile

Since 2010, Nevada County residents and businesses have saved 13,034,571 kWh of electricity and 163,282 therms of natural gas annually from PG&E energy efficiency programs including Nevada City and Grass Valley Customers. Since 2005, the County has taken actions to reduce energy use saving an estimated 1,313,255 kWh and 9,875 therms annually through PG&E incentivized energy efficiency programs and are currently generating an estimated 4,544,725 kWh annually from five solar PV systems installed in 2017/2018. Additionally, 2,115 residential and 102 non-residential solar PV systems have been installed in unincorporated Nevada County producing an estimated 23,543,975 kWh of Electricity annually. The County has already take steps to streamline the permitting process to reduce costs for installing solar PV systems.

About Nevada County

  • Incorporated: April 25, 1851
  • Population: 99,755
  • Area: 974 square miles
  • Elevation: 9,152 feet

Climate Action Activities

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