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City of Thousand Oaks

Beacon Participant Profile

Thousand Oaks prides itself on being a community leader in environmental stewardship, bringing environmental programs and events to the community year-round, and undertaking projects that demonstrate their commitment to “Go Green”.

About Thousand Oaks

  • Incorporated: 1964
  • Population: 126,683 (2010) 
  • Location: Ventura County
  • Area: 55.18 square miles
  • Elevation: 886 feet

Climate Action Activities

Climate Action Resources


Agency Energy Savings

  • Silver Level, 7% (2016)

Agency Natural Gas Savings

Agency Greenhouse Gas Reductions

  • Platinum Level, 20% (2020)
  • Gold Level, 17% (2016)

Community Greenhouse Gas Reductions

  • Gold Level, 14% (2020)

Sustainability Best Practices

  • Platinum Level (2016)

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