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City of Rialto

Beacon Participant Profile

The City of Rialto selected a goal to reduce its community GHG emissions to a level that is 15% below its 2008 GHG emissions level by 2020. The city will meet this goal through a combination of state (~69%) and local (~31%) efforts. The Pavley vehicle standards, the state’s low carbon fuel standard, the RPS, and other state measures will reduce GHG emissions in Rialto’s on‐road, solid waste and building energy sectors in 2020. An additional reduction of 71,504 MTCO2e will be achieved primarily through the following local measures in order of importance: Implement SB X7‐7(Water‐4); Solar Energy for Warehouse Space (Energy‐6); and the GHG Performance Standard for New Development (PS‐1). Rialto’s reduction plan has the greatest impacts on GHG emissions in the solid waste management, building energy, and on‐road transportation sectors.

About Rialto

  • Incorporated: November 17, 1911
  • Population: 103,526 (2020)
  • Location: San Bernardino County
  • Area: 24.09 square miles
  • Elevation: 1,257 feet

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