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City of Jackson

Beacon Participant Profile

The City of Jackson strives to lead-by-example to reduce emissions from energy use, transportation and solid waste.The city’s General Plan and Development Code encourage in-fill development and increased residential densities closer to the downtown. This places the majority of the city’s population near retail and services which helps to reduce automobile dependency. The city is working on obtaining funds for pedestrian projects which are intended to help those visiting to tour the city on foot.

About Jackson

  • Incorporated: 1848
  • Population: 3,989 (2010) 
  • Location: located in Amador County
  • Area: 3.73 square miles
  • Elevation: 1,217 feet

Climate Action Activities

Climate Action Resources


Agency Energy Savings

  • Silver Level, 6% (2017)

Agency Natural Gas Savings

Agency Greenhouse Gas Reductions

  • Gold Level, 10% (2017)

Community Greenhouse Gas Reductions

  • Silver Level, 9% (2017)

Sustainability Best Practices

  • Silver Level (2017)

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