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City of Gonzales

Beacon Participant Profile

The Gonzales Climate Action Plan (CAP) is a product of the “Gonzales Grows Green” Sustainable Community Initiative (G3 Initiative), an outgrowth of the City’s Vision Statement adopted in 2005. The basic concept of sustainability is to allow the needs of current generations to be met in a manner that does not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The G3 Initiative is built around three principles:

  • Economic Viability:  Diversify and grow;
  • Environmental Responsibility: Do the right thing; and
  • Social Equity:  Educate, provide context and relevancy for and to all city residents

About Gonzales

  • Incorporated: 1947
  • Population: 8,187 (2010) 
  • Location: located in Monterey County
  • Area: 1.9 square miles
  • Elevation: 135 feet

Climate Action Activities

Climate Action Resources


Agency Energy Savings

  • Silver Level, 5% (2017)

Agency Natural Gas Savings

  • Not applicable.

Agency Greenhouse Gas Reductions

Community Greenhouse Gas Reductions

  • Gold Level, 13% (2017)

Sustainability Best Practices

  • Platinum Level (2017)


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