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City of Cupertino

Beacon Participant Profile

“Cupertino has been a leader in environmental planning since 2005, as one of the first cities to incorporate a Sustainability Element within its General Plan. The city’s January 2015 adopted Climate Action Plan (CAP) reinforces the goals of this Element by coordinating with the city’s recent municipal projects and community-wide programs to conserve resources, while evolving the city’s approach to mitigate and adapt to climate change to ensure the wellbeing and longevity of the community.”

About Cupertino

  • Incorporated: 1988
  • Population: 71,595 (2014)
  • Location: In the Santa Clarita County, directly west of San Jose
  • Area: 11.257 square miles

Climate Action Activities

Climate Action Resources


Platinum Beacon Vanguard Award (2020)

Gold Beacon Award (2019)

Agency Energy Savings

  • Platinum Level, 22% (2016)

Agency Natural Gas Savings

  • Not applicable.

Agency Greenhouse Gas Reductions

  • Platinum Level, 23% (2017)

Community Greenhouse Gas Reductions

  • Platinum Level, 24% (2020)
  • Gold Level, 13% (2017)

Sustainability Best Practices

  • Platinum Level (2016)

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