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Use of Public Resources: Special Issues Around Expenses and Expense Reimbursement
October 2013


Every local agency is required to have an expense reimbursement policy.

This article provides tips and discusses issues for public agencies to consider when developing these policies, including: travel reimbursement, meeting and conference attendance, and credit card usage.


Expense Reimbursement FAQs

California law imposes requirements on local officials relating to expense reimbursement.


A Local Official’s Own Credit Card Story

A Local Official’s Own Credit Card Story A former local agency official and Institute board member, Ben Wong, talks about the lesson he learned (almost the hard way) while buying a gift for his daughter.


Thank You to Our Sponsor Meyers Nave!

ILG would like to thank the municipal law firm of Meyers Nave for its sponsorship of Everyday Ethics articles in 2013.

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