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Madera County Transportation Commission (Madera CTC)

Metropolitan Planning Organization Profile

About Madera CTC

The Madera County Transportation Commission (Madera CTC) is the regional transportation planning agency, the designated metropolitan planning organization (MPO), the regional comprehensive planning agency and the local transportation commissions for Madera County.

Madera CTC’s role is to foster intergovernmental coordination, undertake comprehensive regional planning with an emphasis on transportation issues, provide a forum for citizen input into the planning process and to provide technical services to its member agencies. In all these activities the commission works to develop a consensus among its members with regards to multi-jurisdictional transportation issues.

Members: Madera County; Cities of Madera and Chow Chilla; two tribal nations

Transportation and SB 375

Regional Transportation Plan

The Madera County 2011 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) was adopted by Madera CTC in July 2010.  The 2011 RTP ensures that the County’s transportation system and implementation policies/programs will safely and efficiently accommodate growth envisioned in the land use elements of Chowchilla, Madera and Madera County, through 2035.

Sustainable Communities Strategy

Madera CTC has implemented its 2014 regional transportation plan and Sustainable Communities Strategy, Your Madera 2040, and has adopted a new RTP plan for 2014. The 2014 Update reflects the horizon or “planning” year of 2040, ensuring that the region’s transportation system and implementation policies/programs will safely and efficiently accommodate growth envisioned in the Land Use Elements of the Cities of Chowchilla and Madera and Madera County, in the RTP and in the Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS). Pursuant to SB 375, the SCS will need to show how Madera CTC will achieve State-mandated greenhouse gas reduction targets for the region.

Public Participation Plan

Madera CTC’s public participation plan, adopted in May of 2007 and updated in April 2012, identifies five performance measures and quantifiable indicators for each measure to be used in regularly evaluating the agencies public involvement efforts.


Because Madera CTC is not a council of governments, the Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) Plan is prepared by the California Department of Housing and Community Development.

Other Programs and Projects

Blueprint Planning Process

Madera CTC participated in the San Joaquin Valley Regional Blueprint Planning Process, an unprecedented effort by the eight council of governments in the San Joaquin Valley to develop a coordinated valley vision. The San Joaquin Valley Blueprint provides a proactive plan to help guide the Valley down a cooperative path as a region and addresses regional issues such as land use and transportation that can’t be adequately addressed on a county-by-county basis.


Valley Visions: People. Choices. Community.
Madera County Transportation Commission (Madera CTC)
Source: Madera CTC’s Website


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