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Question 5: What Kind of Gift Is It and Do Special Rules Apply as a Result?
Working Through California's Gift Rules Analysis


Certain kinds of gestures either are exempt from California’s gift rules or are subject to special treatment. These include:

  • Home hospitality
  • Informational materials
  • Inheritances
  • Emergency leave credits
  • Disaster relief assistance
  • Personalized plaques and trophies
  • Wedding gifts
  • Travel
  • Tickets/Free Admissions
  • Behested payments
  • Campaign contributions

This resource at right explains how the gift rules apply to the above gestures.


The Behested Payments Issue
Disclosure Requirements for Fundraising Activities

An elected official who fundraises for worthy causes is wise to be aware of California’s transparency requirements that apply to such activities. Officials will usually hear of this requirement referred to as the “behested payments” requirement.

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