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Yolo County
Human Resource Department Leads Youth in Career Exploration


The Yolo County Human Resources Office facilitated the High School Summer Intern Program for five years beginning in June 2008.  The High School Summer Intern Program was an eight week program open to Yolo County high school students ages 15 to 19.  Students volunteered a minimum of five (5) hours per week in a department assignment that matched their future career and college goals.  Students also attended weekly activities that were designed to introduce students to county government, the services it provides, and the benefits of public sector employment.  Students received mentorship/support throughout the program from a member of the Human Resources staff.

The Yolo County Human Resources Office is currently planning an updated version of the program that will be designed for year-round engagement.  The projected date for program implementation is Fall 2017.

Included on this page are materials from the original program, including the:

  • Grant Proposal to ICMA
  • Calendar and Budget Request as Part of Grant Proposal to ICMA
  • Final Report to ICMA
  • Roles and Responsibilities Flyer for Staff

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