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Infrastructure for Successful Programs


This section offers resources on setting up the structure of your program including funding, staffing, planning, student outreach and recruitment, leader buy-in and evaluation.


There are many possibilities for funding summertime programs.  Included here are a few ideas, including links to guides and documents for summer program funding and a sample budget.

Staffing & Roles

Coordinating staffing and responsibilities to implement GEY programs is essential. There should be a point person assigned to manage coordination of the project. Here you will find resources to help you think through different roles and responsibilities.

Program Planning Timeline and Milestones

Use these resources to help you think through the appropriate steps and program planning for implementing a youth-civic engagement effort.

Student Outreach and Recruitment

A summertime, after-school or in-school program will benefit youth if they are able to participate and are aware of the opportunity. When starting or scaling-up a model consider outreach techniques and ask for help. Here are ideas from youth who have participated in summertime programs:

  • Use peer mentor programs to spread information about local governments to youth
  • Making Instagram/Facebook pages for local governments to promote themselves and their programs 
  • Have teachers or school administrators promote the programs that the local government is putting on
  • Guest speakers (staff and elected officials) can make classroom presentations on behalf local government agencies
  • Target classes, communities or programs that typically have under-represented youth
  • Provide incentives to join a program, including paid or unpaid internships, work experience, free rides to/from the location, and shadowing opportunities for career choices selected by youth
  • Clearly communicate about the application process to leave little room for confusion or ambiguity

See Youth Recruitment Strategies to learn more.

Tools for outreach and application processes:


Leadership Engagement & Promotional Materials

Outreach Material: ILG's Government Engaging Youth Program

Infrastructure for Successful Programs






Video: Importance of Partnerships: Perspectives of city, county and court staff

Infrastructure for Successful Programs






Video: Civic Engagement Programs: Positive Impacts on Youth

Infrastructure for Successful Programs






Sample Program Highlights featuring public health, public safety and courts

Infrastructure for Successful Programs






Words of Wisdom: Starting & Scaling Up a GEY Program

Infrastructure for Successful Programs






City of Oxnard – 2016 Summer at City Hall

Infrastructure for Successful Programs







City of Moreno Valley – Summer at City Hall

Presentations & Pictures
Media (Articles and Videos)

Infrastructure for Successful Programs




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