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Municipal-School Partnership Resources
Agreements and Resources to Establish or Scale Up a Partnership


Governments Engaging Youth (GEY) promotes strong partnerships between school districts and local government entities to offer students opportunities to gain 21st century work skills, build interest in public service careers, provide tools to become civically aware and engaged and bring an authentic youth voice to community issues. Joint efforts help leverage funds, staff resources and expertise from both entities. The schools bring expertise in teaching students about civics and 21st century skills and have access to students for program recruitment. Local agencies bring expertise around the ins and outs of how government operates, access to internships or job shadows and how to address local issues that impact youth. GEY encourages municipal entities, school districts and private and non-profit agencies to partner so students can experience the collaboration needed among entities to solve community issues and concerns.

This section contains resources on communications and outreach regarding the relationship between school districts and municipal entities.

For information on community-school partnerships as well as how to support underrepresented youth, see the ILG resources below as well as these two briefs:

Council, Board and Staff Reports

MOUs and Agreements


Stretching Community Dollars Guidebook
2015-2016 Resource

Most elected officials and key staff understand and appreciate the benefits of working together, and many are engaging in various forms of collaboration in some capacity. While, there are also many documents in existence on collaboration and working together, this guide focuses on bridging the gap between an understanding of and intention to collaborate with purposeful action.


Leader to Leader Meetings
An Opportunity to Share, Understand, Align and Make Lasting Progress

In California, local agency service areas often overlap. Elected officials and staff may find meeting on a regular basis to identify opportunities for collaboration and leveraging resources is the best way to effectively meet community goals and needs. Joint meetings of the elected officials and/or staff members of city, county, school and/or special district agencies provide an opportunity for local officials to get to know one another, understand organizational missions and functions and to build the trust that allows for stronger working relationships.

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