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Ethics Pamphlets


These are short-format pieces designed to convey information quickly to busy local officials.

Some are downloadable, others are viewable online but designed to be purchased.


Pamphlet: The ABCs of Open Government Laws

This handy pamphlet provides a plain-language explanation of what decision-makers need to know about California’s transparency laws (the Brown Act and the Public Records Act).


Pamphlet: Making the Leap to Public Service
Candidate Information on Ethics Laws

Wouldn’t it be nice if people knew about the rules that apply to public servants before they assume local office?


Pamphlet: Ballot Measure Activities and Public Resources
Understanding the Rules of the Road

As important as ballot measures are in the creation of public policy in California, public officials face important restrictions and requirements on what may be done with public resources relating to ballot measure activities.


Ethics Law Principles for Public Servants

This four-page pamphlet summarizes the kinds of issues and financial interests that ought to trigger a conversation with one’s agency counsel about what the law requires.

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