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City of West Covina

Beacon Participant Profile

West Covina’s investment in energy efficiency projects and programs is a great example of how local government can reduce the cost of doing business and  decrease energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions that are generated in our community. By improving energy efficiency, dollars not spent on energy bills are now going towards new investments (public safety,  parks, streets, etc.) in our community that our residents rely on.” — Former West Covina Mayor Steve Herfert

About West Covina

  • Incorporated: 1923
  • Population: 112,000 (2010) 
  • Location: located in Los Angeles County in eastern San Gabriel Valley
  • Area: 16.090 square miles
  • Elevation: 362 feet

Climate Action Activities

Climate Action Resources


Agency Energy Savings

  • Platinum Level, 22% (2013)

Agency Natural Gas Savings

Agency Greenhouse Gas Reductions

Community Greenhouse Gas Reductions

Sustainability Best Practices

Case Story

West Covina Energy Action Plan

A best practice case study developed by Pat Stoner, Statewide Local Government Energy Efficiency Coordinator.

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