Increasing Outreach


Going Beyond the Usual Participants

Research, resources and case stories to help ensure that participation in public engagement efforts more fully reflect the demographics of your community.

This includes information about ways to work with community partners to engage a broader cross section of the community, including youth and  immigrant residents, as well as how to work more effectively with clergy and congregations.


Partnering with Community Based Organizations

Resources and case stories to help facilitate partnerships between local governments and community based organizations.

Many local officials report that often just a narrow slice of their community participates in public decisions. A key strategy many local agencies use is nurturing relationships with community-based organizations to reach and engage a broader cross section of residents.

Community-based organizations can offer unique and important insights into the challenges and opportunities facing residents in their area and can help local officials improve their ability to communicate and connect with a wide range of community members.


Developing Resident Leadership

Resources and case stories to help local agencies inform residents about local government and civics, develop community leadership and participation, and create effective citizen academies.


Engaging Youth

Resources and case stories to help local officials and staff develop and maintain effective youth commissions and to engage youth in the civic and


Engaging Clergy and Congregations

Resources and case stories about how working relationships between local officials and clergy/ congregations can deepen and diversify public engagement and extend local agency outreach.