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Immigrant Engagement


Immigrant Engagement

Resources and case stories to support the engagement of immigrant communities in local public engagement efforts.


Language Access Laws and Legal Issues: A Local Official’s Guide

The Language Access Guide explains the laws that require language access to insure that limited English-proficient residents have access to public services and an opportunity to participate in public life.

Language Access Laws and Legal Issues: A Local Official's Guide

The Language Access Checklists are a companion to the guide, which include: tips on providing language access; conducting a self-assessment; implementing an ordinance; implementing best practices with no ordinance and addressing common challenges. 

Language Access Checklists


Immigrants, the Economy and Civic Engagement

Immigrants are a critical part of the economy in California, which is home to over 10 million foreign-born residents who contribute $715 billion — about one third — of its gross domestic product each year. These individuals comprise 35 percent of the state’s civilian workforce. Their entrepreneurialism and innovative efforts are a driving force from Silicon Valley to the Central Valley and beyond. Immigrants work in enterprises that span Fortune 500 companies and small Main Street businesses revitalizing downtown corridors throughout the state.


Ten Ideas to Encourage Immigrant Engagement
A Tipsheet for Local Officials

A tip sheet that provides ideas drawn from cities and counties throughout California on ways to more successfully engage immigrant residents.

Ten Ideas to Encourage Immigrant Engagement


Local Governments Engaging Immigrants- Strategies that Work

Effective immigrant participation and integration helps build stronger and  more successful communities. Local governments in California are using a variety of methods to create and participate in local, regional and national immigrant integration partnerships. This resource outlines some of these methods and examples.

ILG Local Governments and Immigrant Integration


A Local Official’s Guide to Immigrant Civic Engagement

This publication provides insights and examples to help ensure greater public involvement of immigrant residents. This publication provides insights and examples to help ensure greater public involvement of immigrant residents.


Providing Language Access
Tips for Local Officials

This resource outlines tips for local officials on providing language access in their communities.

Tips for Providing Language Access


Ethnic Media
Tips to Reach the Fastest Growing Segment of American Media

This tipsheet includes an overview and 8 tips on how to partner with ethnic media.

Ethnic Media Infographic


County Level Data on the Foreign-Born
Grantmakers Concerned for Immigrants and Refugees

This interactive data hub provides a demographic snapshot of the foreign-born population by county. Find out: How many foreign-born live in your county? What percentage live at or below the federal poverty level? How many speak English less than very well? This easy to use tool can help local agencies gain a better understanding of their unique needs.


Looking Forward: Immigrant Contributions to the Golden State 2014
California Immigrant Policy Center

Statewide and regional data on the economic contributions of immigrants to California.


Collaborative Strategies for Day Labor Centers

This guide helps local officials, immigrant serving organizations, day labor center planners and leaders, and others to understand how collaborative relationships, partnerships and processes can assist in the successful development and operations of a day labor center. You will also find here a roster of day labor centers in California.


Immigrant Engagement Stories

Learn how local governments are successfully engaging immigrant communities.

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