Immigrant Engagement


Immigrant Engagement

Resources and case stories to support the engagement of immigrant communities in local public engagement efforts.

Image of Ten Ideas to Encourage Immigrant Engagement

Ten Ideas to Encourage Immigrant Engagement
A Tipsheet for Local Officials

A tip sheet that provides ideas drawn from cities and counties throughout California on ways to more successfully engage immigrant residents.

Image of A Local Official’s Guide to Immigrant Civic Engagement

A Local Official’s Guide to Immigrant Civic Engagement

This publication provides insights and examples to help ensure greater public involvement of immigrant residents. This publication provides insights and examples to help ensure greater public involvement of immigrant residents.


Providing Language Access
Tips for Local Officials

This resource outlines tips for local officials on providing language access in their communities.

Image of Providing Language Access


Language Access Laws and Legal Issues: A Local Official’s Guide

Explains the laws that require language access to insure that limited English-proficient residents have access to public services and an opportunity to participate in public life. Of the 6.9 million Californians with limited English proficiency1 68 percent are Spanish speakers followed by Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog and Korean.


County Level Data on the Foreign-Born
Grantmakers Concerned for Immigrants and Refugees

This interactive data hub provides a demographic snapshot of the foreign-born population by county. Find out: How many foreign-born live in your county? What percentage live at or below the federal poverty level? How many speak English less than very well? This easy to use tool can help local agencies gain a better understanding of their unique needs.


Looking Forward: Immigrant Contributions to the Golden State 2014
California Immigrant Policy Center, 2014

Statewide and regional data on the economic contributions of immigrants to California.


Collaborative Strategies for Day Labor Centers

This guide helps local officials, immigrant serving organizations, day labor center planners and leaders, and others to understand how collaborative relationships, partnerships and processes can assist in the successful development and operations of a day labor center. You will also find here a roster of day labor centers in California.


Immigrant Engagement – California Stories

Learn how California local governments are successfully engaging immigrant communities.


Generational Projections of the California Population by Nativity and Year of Immigrant Arrival
USC Population Dynamics Research Group, John Pitkin & Dowell Myers, April 2012

Demographic trends outlined in this report include: 1) the growing majority of the state’s population is California-born; 2) foreign-born Californians tend to be settling for longer periods of time and the total foreign-born share of the state population has leveled off at 27 percent; and 3) virtually all the projected growth in the working population is comprised of native-born who are the children of immigrants.


Investing in the Human Capital of Immigrants, Strengthening Regional Economies
Brookings Institute, Audrey Singer, September 2012

This report examines how investing in immigrants can help local businesses and economies, as well as immigrants, their families and the communities in which they live.


Lessons Learned about Civic Participation among Immigrants
Association for the Study and Development of Community, September 2002

This handbook identifies barriers to immigrant civic participation, strategies to overcome them, and recommendations for supporting sustained immigrant civic participation.